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Secure Guarding

Starting a new site
Before starting a site, we carry out a full risk assessment on your premises, as crime patterns change and differ from area to area. We request a job description for each post so that there is a clear understanding on the duties that needs to be performed.

Guard Monitoring Systems
A Guard Monitoring System is set up on site to ensure the guard does his regular patrol. This system has docking points around your premises and alert management when a scheduled patrol was not performed.

Monthly Site Audits
Every month the area manager, or one of the members of Secure Global Solutions will meet with a representative of your Company to give feedback on the operations for the month, and suggest any necessary changes. Secure Global Solutions management attends all SAPS community police forums (CPF) weekly meetings, to help the community fight crime and to inform our staff of syndicates and crime patterns in the area.

Anti-bribery policy
Inevitably, a time WILL come where a guard may be offered a bribe. We have implemented an anti-bribery incentive, which doubles the amount the guard gets offered, providing an arrest is made.


Secure Close Protection

Consultancy services
Our consultancy services encompass personal & corporate security surveys, as well as risk analysis & assessments. We carry out full needs analysis and fit the correct Protection Officer to your needs.

Personal Protection Packages offered
• Public Concert Security and Co-ordination • Professional Bodyguards and Minders, Drivers and Chauffeurs • Disaster Management and Emergency Services Liaison • Security Consultants • Executive and VIP Protection • Event Planning

All details for the required service are planned for
• Transport • Accommodation • Schedules and Timetables • Entertainment and Relaxation • Reception and Departure planning • Tours and Safari’s


Secure Events

Top Level Planning
Appraisal of proposed assignments enables the strategists to ensure that the cover and arrangements are appropriate for the risks to which you and members of your entourage are likely to be exposed to.

VIP Service
In the case of visiting VIP’s, Executives and Celebrities, arrangements can be made to protect these guests and co-ordinate access at functions and receptions, away from the general public and members of the press.

Crowd Control
Crowd Control services are offered for public events, concerning crowds of any sizes. Security planning and arrangements will be made towards controlling crowds in the event.


Secure Fencing

• Crowd control event fencing • Speed fence • Temporary fencing • Safeguarding special/restricted areas

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